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A PDF Tools Suite for a Media Monitoring Company

Presse+ logoPresse+ is a large media monitoring and research company headquartered in France with operations on four continents. The company has 500 clients among the 800 top French businesses and administrations, and over 2, 000, 000 people use Presse+ services daily.

Presse+ deals with incoming printed media sources, audio and video materials, and digital media to produce synthetic summary documents. To secure its annual growth of 25%, and be able to process over 7, 000 media sources 24 / 7, Presse+ must constantly adopt innovative technologies and perfect its business procedures. That is why the company has been investing heavily in electronic support for its production chain.

Page sampleAccuracy, efficiency, and speed have always been crucial to the company’s success. However, the products available on the market failed to meet the challenge and particular needs of Presse+ so they turned to ATAPY Software in 2003 in search of a solution. ATAPY’s experience with OCR and image processing allowed Presse+ to fill the gaps left by off-the-shelf products. ATAPY developed a suite of customized, reliable, and fast tools built around ABBYY FineReader OCR. The highlights include:

  • batch processing for quick and convenient conversion;
  • integration with the existing technology;
  • reduction of software licensing and maintenance costs;
  • minimal training required;
  • non-stop processing of input images in multiple formats, containing graphics and text in many languages;
  • exporting recognized data to PDF while highlighting user-defined keywords;
  • recognition of ‘image only’ PDF as a set of images;
  • reducing the size of PDF files by compressing the illustrations stored inside.

The result is an effective customized solution that eliminates the need for expensive generic products. Through their innovative approach, ATAPY’s engineers built a robust and scalable system that meets the high standards of Presse+.

About Presse+:

Presse+ is a leading French provider of Media Monitoring (Press, Broadcast, Internet, News Wires, etc.) and International Press Analysis Services (covering major European, US, and Asian publications). In 2005 the company was acquired by TNS Media Intelligence, a company in the TNS Media Group. The acquisition provided a considerable boost to TNS’s news monitoring service in France.