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Document Conversion Tool for a Media Service Company

PrePressPPS PrePress Systeme GmbH is a digital paper solutions and media service provider headquartered in Germany. The company specializes in transforming paper archives into digital form allowing full-text retrieval for decades of newspaper issues and other data. PPS delivers high quality images and recognized text of newspaper pages that are usually bound in large books or on microfilm. For knowledge retrieval, PPS offers flexible and powerful tools from interface projects.

PPS contacted ATAPY Software to create a custom document processing tool. The goal was to automate four main tasks:

Variety of formats
  • to accept and route images for OCR processing;
  • to use ABBYY FineReader Scripting Edition to recognize the images;
  • to export recognition results to a variety of document formats;
  • to save resulting documents in user-defined output directories.

The tool designed by ATAPY detects scanned documents in the input directories indicated by the user, sends them to working directories, and submits them to FineReader for the recognition process. Recognized documents are stored in the output directories while problematic images go to special ‘error directories’. An important feature of the application is the capability of exporting each recognized document into several formats so the user gets multiple documents as a result of a single processing phase.

High flexibility and configurability are the key features of the solution designed and implemented by ATAPY engineers. For each output format the application allows the user to set its individual parameters such as page size for RTF/DOC, picture resolution for PDF, code page for HTML, etc. ABBYY Software House state-of-the-art OCR technologies, combined with ATAPY’s engineering expertise, made the development of this application with high functionality fast and cost-effective.

About PrePress Systeme GmbH:

PPS PrePress Systeme GmbH has been providing the publishing industry with state-of-the-art software solutions since 1992, and offering newspaper archives digitization since 1999. PPS PrePress Systeme GmbH offers a line of innovative search solutions, including the Enterprise-class intelligent search system ‘inter: gator’ and semantic search engine ‘PPS Finder’.