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ABBYY FineReader for Fujitsu ScanSnap!™

Under a contract with ABBYY Europe GmbH, ATAPY Software has completed an ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap!™ software package to be bundled with Fujitsu scanners.

ScanSnap! scanner
‘The software supplied is very good. ABBYY FineReader recognizes text, tables and images in documents and can import to Word or Excel for editing. It will automatically rotate scanned pages to their correct orientation and leave out any blank pages.’
Tim Smith,
Computeractive, UK

ScanSnap! logo 1ScanSnap!™ by Fujitsu is a family of high-speed desktop office scanners. The key idea for their design was a one-step approach to document conversion. Normally, one push of a button on the scanner’s faceplate is enough to see the document image on the screen. If any scanning parameters need to be modified, ScanSnap Monitor software enables the user to do that with just a few mouse clicks.

ScanSnap! logo 2But the image is not always the answer — no scanning software suite is complete without a good OCR application. For Fujitsu, the choice was obvious: ABBYY FineReader. ABBYY’s European office negotiated the deal and then transferred development to ATAPY Software, ABBYY’s long-term technology partner. In the application implemented by ATAPY, components Scan2Word, Scan2Excel, and Scan2PDF convert scanned images into the corresponding file formats by pushing one button on the scanner. The intentional simplicity of the solution doesn't mean a lack of flexibility, the Exporter Settings component provides access to a variety of parameters: turning on and off preservation of page and line breaks, retaining text color for Word documents, replacing uncertain words with images and reducing picture resolution for PDF, practically the entire wealth of FineReader’s settings and options.

The package offers a wide choice of recognition and interface languages. The user can select from 7 languages for the program interface (English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian). In addition, there are tools for adding new interface languages. And thanks to the developers of the regular ABBYY FineReader, the number of recognition languages is so large (177) that they had to be categorized into 5 groups for manageability.

ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap!™ combines the simplicity of the brilliant Fujitsu one-step scanning approach and the power of ABBYY FineReader technologies. ATAPY’s expertise enabled these components to work in synergy for the best performance and user satisfaction.

About Fujitsu:

Fujitsu is a multinational computer hardware and IT services company based in Tokyo, Japan. The company specializes in semiconductors, air conditioners, computers (supercomputers, personal computers, servers), telecommunications, and services. Fujitsu employs around 400 000 people and has 500 subsidiary companies.