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Backlog Conversion of Danish Musical Magazines

Henning Olesen
‘All files validated against the schema, very nice! I took a closer look at a random selection of files, and was very impressed by the quality of your work! The quality of the meta-data as well as OCR-treated text is excellent, so, I think we can regard this as “mission accomplished” and sign the act of acceptance.’
Henning Olesen,
IT-project manager
The State and
University Library

ATAPY acquires new clients in the field of media services

Nordic Sounds coverATAPY prides itself on being able to handle the most challenging data capture tasks by employing its intelligent digitization approach. The approach involves using special tools during all phases of the process to ensure high accuracy of results, with minimum manual effort.

One of the recent projects involving intelligent text digitization was conducted for ‘Nordic Sounds’, a Danish musical magazine that brings together coverage of a range of musical genres in contemporary Northern European music. The magazine is widely distributed outside Denmark and therefore published in English.

‘Nordic Sounds’ editors requested the creation of a digital archive for all issues up to the current publication. The resulting archive could not just be a collection of digitized text, but had to serve as a true archive that could be searched and structured. This goal is perfectly achievable using XML as an output format.

The task was given to the ATAPY's Media Services Department. In order to meet the customer’s requirements, the department specialists had to create one XML file per article and that requires magazine content analysis. Although the majority of magazine materials were in English, a lot of proper names and quotations were in Northern European languages (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Icelandic). This peculiarity required special attention from engineer-linguists who worked on ‘Nordic Sounds’ digitization and XML conversion. Former and current experiences in processing multi-language information sources (Danish in particular) was of a great use.

ATAPY Software achieved the goal on time (the project lasted approximately two months) with excellent quality results, as noted by ‘Nordic Sounds’.

Thanks to ATAPY, Starting May, 2005 Nordic Sounds magazine is available online as a resource in the Online Music Research Library.

GAFFA coverMM coverAfter such a successful start, ATAPY digitized backlogs for two more popular Danish musical magazines: ‘MM’ and ‘GAFFA’. The GAFFA magazine archive (1983 up to 2008) is now available online with full keyword search and original page image retrieval.

About Aarhus University:

Aarhus University logoAarhus University, located in the city of Århus, Denmark, is Denmark’s second oldest and second largest University (after the University of Copenhagen). The University was founded in 1928 and has an annual enrollment of more than 35,000 students. Aarhus University housed Denmark’s first Professor of sociology (Theodor Geiger, from 1938-1952) and in 1997 Professor Jens Christian Skou received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his discovery of the sodium-potassium pump.