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Data Capture Solutions for the Logistics Industry

ATAPY conducted these projects for Dutch logistics companies as a subcontractor to its long-term partner EasyData  B. V. — a company that provides state-of-the-art document management and data input solutions for the Western European market.

Cost-effective document management solution for Van Gend & Loos

Van Geld and Loos logoVan Gend & Loos, one of the largest Dutch logistics and cargo companies, turned to EasyData for a solution to automate its document processing through OCR technology. The goal was to extract certain text and graphical information from an incoming stream of printed forms. Having considered the prohibitive cost of purchasing and operating the full-scale form-processing systems, EasyData and ATAPY offered and implemented a custom solution which works only with the documents received by Van Gend & Loos and does it better for a fraction of the cost compared to any off-the-shelf product.

EasyData and ATAPY help to deliver frozen food to multinational customers

Frigolanda logoFrigolanda is a transport and logistics company specializing in transporting refrigerated cargo that has offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and India.

In 2003 EasyData negotiated a contract with Frigolanda that had ATAPY design a custom export automation module for ABBYY FormReader 6.0. Commercial order forms are fed into a scanner, and images are automatically read. Then, ATAPY's export module receives recognized data from the FormReader and converts it into custom-format files for further analysis and processing.

In 2004 the customer returned to EasyData with a request to further develop the program. The input documents were 2 double-sided pages and sometimes, due to scanning mistakes (doublefeeds, face-down feeds), the data was getting mixed up. The new version of the program watches the page order and corrects it when possible, or warns the user of a non-recoverable situation.

Both parts of the project were implemented quickly and to the full satisfaction of the customer. The program is currently working on the customer’s site backing up an important part of its business process.

About EasyData B.V.:

EasyData  B. V. is a Netherlands-based company specializing in data capture, document management solutions and the associated consulting services. Serving the needs of the Dutch and Belgian SMB markets, EasyData's innovative applications make the user experience more compelling by changing the way paper-intensive organization manage their document flows. EasyData's flagship data capture product, EasySeparate, allows to reduce the cycle times of mission-critical business transactions by providing quick and user-friendly document capture.

About Van Gend & Loos:

Van Gend & Loos was a Dutch distribution company. It was established in 1809 by the Antwerp-based innkeeper and carriage driver J.B. van Gend. It was sold to Deutsche Post in 1999. The three daughter companies of Deutsche Post (Danzas, DHL Worldwide Express and Van Gend & Loos) were merged to form DHL in 2003, ending the almost 200-year history of Van Gend & Loos.


FRIGOLANDA is a cold logistics group with a storage capacity of more than 75 000 pallet places, 65 000 deep frozen and 10 000 chilled, in Europe that are located in 9 offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Poland. They also have a high quality distribution and transport fleet with 65 lorries. Every day FRIGOLANDA drivers deliver to approx... 1 000 addresses throughout the Benelux, Germany and a growing number of addresses in France, Italy, Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria and Scandinavia.