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ATAPY Software helps a Dutch personnel recruitment agency develop a Document Management System

Processing semi-structured documents such as invoices, credit notes, receipts, timesheets and resumes is still a challenge for many small and mid-sized businesses. There are complete data capture software packages that make it possible to process effectively thousands of forms a day. However, their diverse functionality is often excessive for the needs of SMB customers and they still don't provide full automation of the document cycle for important document management functions. Today, many IT companies get their competitive advantage by delivering universal all-in-one Document Management Systems that offer a smart approach to data capture and rich capabilities for fine-tuning. These products feature a variety of configurable workflow options that allow customers to completely tailor the system to their documentation needs.

In 2005, a Netherlands-based company, IT-Staffing, approached ATAPY Software to help develop an Electronic Document Management System. After several successful project phases and 2.5 years of development AXZAM IDP, a complete A to Z software package for processing semi-structured documents, was released.

Feature highlights

The AXZAM IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) system automates the entire document lifecycle, from scanning paper documents, to final approval of the electronic document, and export into an external format for archiving. The system effectively processes a wide range of business documents via a variety of configurable workflow types.

The key system feature is flexibility for all the processing steps. The user can create an individual document structure for each document type; each document can be processed according to its own rules (several users can check and approve the document simultaneously or one after another, additional information from external sources may be requested, documents may be sent to several users for approval, etc.). Customizable export into several formats is available. The AXZAM system supports advanced document permission checks based on company, supplier, account number, amount values, and other document data. A user can script the system behavior using C#.

The data capture process in AXZAM IDP is powered by the ABBYY FineReader Engine - an OCR toolkit by ABBYY Software House. Semi-structured form processing is implemented using the ABBYY FlexiCapture technology.

The system features the following functionality:

  • Scanning paper documents, creating electronic documents;
  • Control of the entire document workflow process and transparent management of the process bypassing bottlenecks and resolving invoice backlogs;
  • Processing documents according to the company policy;
  • Import of accounting data from external sources;
  • Export of documents into external (financial) systems;
  • Monitoring each document throughout the process and reporting.

AXZAM Intelligent Document Processing architecture: modules

Module User operations
AXZAM Administrator Configure AXZAM system-wide settings: security, general document processing settings, etc.
AXZAM Scan Client
  • Create batches
  • Set batch parameters
  • Scan paper documents (or import images from other sources)
  • Transfer batches to the server for subsequent recognition
AXZAM Recognition service
  • Transfer documents to the AXZAM database


  • Recognize documents according to user-specified settings and transfer the information to the AXZAM database
AXZAM Manager
  • Enter the incoming scanned and electronic documents into the database
  • Carry out major document-processing tasks:
    • Create/process document
    • Determine workflow settings for document
    • Edit document metadata
    • Perform the final check/approval of the document
  • Control and report the document flow process
AXZAM Scheduler Plan and execute data import and data export tasks
AXZAM Updating service Maintain and update AXZAM client applications files

Document processing workflow in AXZAM IDP

The AXZAM documentation process features a sophisticated sequence of phases tied together in an effective work model specifically targeted at recruitment agency operations.


Manual re-processing of incorrectly recognized documents: the "recognition on-the-fly" approach

One of the innovative ideas behind the product is a specialized operator-guided "recognition on-the-fly" procedure that was introduced for dealing with poorly recognized documents. Most recognition mistakes occur due to incorrect pre-recognition zoning of the image. In the AZXAM IPD procedure, the operator performs the following steps:

1.     Reviews the source image. The interface features comfortable zoom, scrolling, and a variety of display modes.

2.     Manually places a block on the image by drawing it around the required data with a mouse.

3.     Maps the block to a corresponding data field by placing the mouse cursor inside the field.

4.     Initiates recognition in the application GUI.

The contents of the block are recognized and inserted into the selected field.

While implementing this process, ATAPY relied on the experience and findings gained while developing their own product - the ImageControl visual component.

About IT-Staffing

IT-Staffing was founded in 1986 and has grown into one of the biggest  IT personnel agencies in the Netherlands. In collaboration with seven ISO-certified personnel companies, the IT-Staffing Group serves a wide range of commercial and not-profit organizations, providing effective solutions to their recruitment needs.