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ABBYY OCR Technology for the Captiva InputAccel

Captiva Software Corporation, the standard setter for enterprise input solutions, chose ABBYY Software house OCR technologies to leverage its flagship information input solution

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Captiva InputAccel is used by hundreds of globally known companies to help them collect and integrate external information into their systems. InputAccel works around the globe and the clock to transform the deluge of external data into usable, business-ready content, regardless of its format or point of origin.

Needless to say, for a company processing enormous data streams flowing in and out 24/7, accuracy is a critical issue and a key criterion in the selection of a solution. In 2004, Captiva Software Corporation entrusted the creation of an OCR module for InputAccel to ABBYY Software House. ABBYY employed ATAPY Software, their partner experienced in FineReader-based solutions, as a subcontrator in the project.

A thorough study of InputAccel by specialists from ABBYY resulted in complete project documentation that was given to ATAPY for implementation. In addition, synergetic joint project management (ABBYY+ATAPY) improved the module in terms of usability and productivity in the course of development without requiring additional work investment or extending the project timeline.

Feature highlights

The OCR module integrates into the InputAccel document workflow process configurable, user defined settings. The settings are provided by the FineReader Engine and optimize the recognition process, recognition options and output document formatting. In addition to direct text recognition, the OCR module is also used for assebbling documents, ie. formation of multi-page documents from an incoming flow of pages.

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About Captiva Software:

Captiva Software makes software solutions for document information processing and data capture from paper and electronic documents and provides related services. Information in the form of extracted content and files are acquired in the Captiva Solution and then delivered for storage or workflow into document management systems such as those from Documentum, Open Text, Microsoft, or IBM. In 2005 Captiva Software Corporation was acquired by EMC Software Group, a division of EMC Corporation. This acquisition represented a natural extension to the EMC Documentum enterprise content management platform and added existing integrated technology to the EMC software portfolio.

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