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ATAPY Software helped automate blood cell counting

ATAPY Software completed a project developing software designed to count blood cells for Optical Medical Systems (OMS), a medical device innovator.

OMS developed Hemovisor – a unique multi-parameter automated hematology analyzer. Based on computer vision technologies, Hemovisor recognizes, enumerates, and differentiates blood cells and counts them. The device automatically analyzes  the captured digital image, creates a report file and sends it to the printer.

OMS turned to ATAPY’s experienced computer vision and image recognition specialists for cooperation. The ATAPY team created an algorithm for counting the number of red blood cells (RBC) and developed software for Hemovisor.

RBC counting software

The software analyzes microscopic images of liquid blood samples that are diluted 30 times.

Due to the RBCs ability to stick together and form “clusters”, ATAPY specialists had to develop different algorithm variants for isolated and clustered cells. The software consist of two parts:

The first part of the software counts only isolated RBCs and ignores clusters. This is used to calculate RBC characteristics such as linear size and area.

The other software part counts both separated and clustered. This   is used to calculate general blood sample characteristics like hematocrit (the ratio of the volume of RBC to the total volume of blood).

Both software parts take a blood sample image and the characteristic radius of a cell as input and return arrays of contours as output. 

Output data can be filtered further by contour size and ellipticity.

OMS launched Hemovisor using software developed by ATAPY. The device does not use any consumables or reagents.  It is positioned as a substitute for a manual blood count, still a widespread technique, and sensor-based blood counting machines. In addition to blood counts, the device measures specific physical, morphological and rheological characteristics of blood cells.

The software was written in C++.

About Optical Medical Systems

The company was founded in 2013 to develop a new generation of devices to analyze micrometer-sized objects by synergizing optics, precise mechanics, and computer vision technologies. The devices capture the data optically, then analyze and interpret it using original computer algorithms. 

Optical Medical Systems operates under the control of Lomonosov Capital, a venture capital fund that finances the development of Hemovisor. Both Optical Medical Systems and Lomonosov Capital are resident companies of Novosibirsk Technopark.