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Helping a Customer Win the Battle for User Experience

ATAPY implements seamless Microsoft Outlook© integration for an Australian document management system

We have been impressed with the development provided by ATAPY in our Outlook Connector project and appreciate the quality of software provided by your organization. We look forward to working with ATAPY again on future projects.

Trevor Dykstra

Director, InfoXpert Pty. Ltd.


There was once a time when the documentation “jungle” in which companies and organizations existed was limited to text files and printed documents. Since that time, practices have changed a lot. Today organizations need to keep track of huge amounts of information arriving through all channels in a variety of formats, store it, share it in a convenient and effective way, align it with accepted regulations and paperwork standards, publish it and collaborate on it. Contemporary document management systems need to keep pace, providing effective and user-friendly means for streamlining all these tasks.

InfoXpert eDRMS – a Document, Records & Content Management system by the Australian company InfoXpert is an example of a feature-rich system for small and medium enterprise-class companies. The system allows managing records, documents & other content within a single integrated solution - whether they are office documents, graphics, emails, faxes, maps, drawings or paper based records. InfoXpert is constantly working towards improving user experience, enriching the system with both new features and time-saving shortcuts for existing systems. One of the targets on the InfoXpert product roadmap is adding seamless integration with widely used third-party packages – first of all, with Microsoft Office suite. Such integration allows minimizing the number of clicks and switches between windows, providing users a single entry point for their typical workflows and optimizing their performance dramatically.

In 2012, to ensure fast time-to-market for these new opportunities, InfoXpert considered employing an outsourcing partner with the relevant background. Their attention was drawn to ATAPY Software – a Russia-based company with a focus on document management solutions and with 10+ year track record in the field.

The first component to implement was integration with Microsoft Outlook©. As a result of cooperation between InfoXpert and ATAPY the new module - InfoXpert eDRMS Outlook Connector – was released in the spring of 2013. The Connector provides users an easy way to archive/save Outlook e-mail messages and attachments into the InfoXpert eDRMS, and assign metadata to them. It allows all the work to be done in the main Microsoft Outlook window, displaying the eDRMS folder tree in the same windows as a side pane.

InfoXpert Outlook Connector

Key Features include:

  • Drag&Drop of e-mails to the “InfoXpert eDRMS Pane” (quick import);
  • Quick association to existing InfoXpert eDRMS folders and documents;
  • Attaching InfoXpert documents when composing new email messages;
  • Faster registration of new e-mails (can take less than half the time compared with the standard Outlook Add-in);
  • Setting preferences for configuration of metadata fields (e.g. default Document Type and Document Name);
  • Auto-complete InfoXpert eDRMS metadata fields based on e-mail properties (e.g. Correspondent Name & Document Description);
  • Outlook Action After Save: e-mail subject prefixed with Document ID, etc.

The new Microsoft Outlook© connector is distributed together with InfoXpert eDRMS version 8.2 and above; it is offered as a high-performance alternative to the Standard Outlook Add-in included into the InfoXpert eDRMS suite.
InfoXpert was fully satisfied with ATAPY services in both the software development and project management spheres and with the company’s approach to overall customer needs.

More Microsoft Office Connector modules are planned for implementation in the nearest future.

Technologies and Tools

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (C#)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime 2010

Supported products

  • Microsoft Outlook©  2007 SP3 and later, 2010, 2013


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InfoXpert (Rowville, Australia) is a company committed to delivering leading edge web based eDRMS, document management, records management, content management, workflow and scanning to PDF solutions for a wide range of organizations using .NET technology.