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ATAPY and EasyData for Seamless Data Capture

Visioneer OneTouch Link to EasySeparateNovosibirsk, Russia / Koninginnelaan, the Netherlands. July 1, 2009 — ATAPY Software releases Visioneer OneTouch® Link to EasySeparate — a solution that integrates the industry-leading Visioneer and XEROX scanners with EasySeparate — an input management solution by its long-term partner in the Netherlands — EasyData  B. V.

The Visioneer OneTouch® approach allows to scan documents by just pressing the Scan button; all the necessary presets are taken from the document processing profile selected at the previous step. The OneTouch® technology is supported by most advanced Visioneer/XEROX devices available today.

The ATAPY’s Visioneer-certified OneTouch® Link integrates neatly with the device driver, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of quick and straightforward scanning combined with the outstanding EasySeparate’s data capture capabilities. Preparing to scan multiple documents of similar type or structure, a user selects one of his pre-configured EasySeparate profiles in the scanner interface settings and specifies EasySeparate as a destination. All the rest of work, apart from pushing or clicking ‘Scan’, is done by EasySeparate — including intelligent barcode- and text-based document flow separation, sorting, blank page removal, OCR, document indexing, metadata processing, grouping, format conversion and export.

The solution provides a powerful add-on to EasySeparate, making specific and familiar EasySeparate processing choices immediately available to users.

‘ATAPY Software has always been our source of innovative solutions in the data capture domain. With EasySeparate, we’ve been striving to bring a new degree of ease and transparency into the document management process of small to middle organizations, allowing them to increase operating efficiency and cut costs. This new integration takes us one step further in this direction; I’m sure it’ll be demanded by our customers,’ — says Robert Camerlink, the EasyData  B. V. CEO.

‘This release is special to us because we issue this component under our own brand, and because it provides for further growth and success of EasySeparate — a product which incarnates many of our thoughts about smart free-form document capture,’ — says Sergey Borovoy, CEO of ATAPY Software.

The Visioneer OneTouch® Link to EasySeparate is distributed as an add-on to EasySeparate. For details about purchasing the Link, contact EasyData  B. V.

About EasyData B.V.

EasyData  B. V. is a Netherlands-based company specializing in data capture, document management solutions and the associated consulting services. Serving the needs of the Dutch and Belgian SMB markets, EasyData's innovative applications make the user experience more compelling by changing the way paper-intensive organization manage their document flows. EasyData's flagship data capture product, EasySeparate, allow to reduce the cycle times of mission critical business transactions by providing quick and user-friendly document capture. For more information please see

About ATAPY Software

ATAPY Software is a provider of on-demand software solutions in the fields of OCR/ICR, document imaging and data capture. In addition to its main activity, ATAPY has been taking part in various archive digitization and knowledge preservation endeavors through offering a range of media services (scanning, data capture, key-from-image, mark-up, verification, etc.) to libraries and data archives all over the world. For more information please see