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ATAPY Software offers a number of its own products and components. To view product details, click on the link below.

    FineClip is specialized OCR software that converts images of printed media into collections of articles in a variety of formats. This kind of software is often called “press clipping solutions” or, if they can also analyze article content, “media monitoring solutions”. 

    A visual component intended for enriching software applications with advanced functionality for image display and pre-OCR image zoning. Features include zoom, scrolling, a variety of display options, markup of certain elements on the image in blocks (zones). May be used to develop basic-level image editor packages and document imaging applications featuring OCR functionality (applied at document preprocessing or post-processing phases).

    A solution that integrates the industry-leading Visioneer and XEROX scanners with EasySeparate - a data input solution by our Dutch partner EasyData B.V. The ATAPY's Visioneer-certified OneTouch® Link works with the device driver, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of quick and straightforward scanning combined with EasySeparate's data capture capabilities.

    A tool which maximizes the performance during manual data entry from free-form documents by allowing to perform quick selective OCR of some data on the form image. The approach offered by iOCR is called ‘recognition-on-the-fly’ and works as follows: operator defines the area to be instantly recognized by drawing it on the image with a mouse, the data is OCRed and automatically placed into the pre-defined data field.