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This site is dedicated to the new software product developed by ATAPY Software. Here you can find text articles, screenshots, demo cartoons, and the trial version of the product.

The goal of the site is informing our partners of the new opportunities arising out of this product and to attract new ideas and suggestions.

The problem that this product is addressing

The existing recognition systems are targeted at regular documents (non-forms) and ‘geometrically fixed’ forms. However, there are many documents that do not fall into any of these two categories. Some of them are more standardized and are normally called flexiforms. Others are too lax to be recognized automatically; we will call them ‘freeforms’. ATAPY's iOCR product is targeted at freeforms. The entire article...

Solution: the basics

The primary goal of iOCR is to provide highly efficient tools for interactive input — hence the i in iOCR. The entire article...

Cartoons (JavaScript must be enabled; use the Play/Stop/Pause/<> buttons):

The conclusion

iOCR is a tool which maximizes the convenience of entering forms by human operator whenever it becomes obvious that this particular type of forms can not be entered 100% automatically. ATAPY believes that this new product can come in handly for our partners in many projects. The most obvious sectors to target are... The entire article...

ATAPY will appreciate your ideas and suggestions. Please send us an email.