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Development of Custom OCR and Data Capture Solutions

The first ATAPY projects in the OCR and data capture domain have been completed for its strategic partner ABBYY Software House. Due to this partnership, and because of the excellent OCR capabilities of ABBYY technology, the majority of projects by our company have been implemented using the products and toolkits by this manufacturer. However, ATAPY experience is generic enough to work with any other OCR and data capture products.

ATAPY offers the following services in the OCR and data capture domain:

  • Building custom solutions on the basis of contemporary OCR SDKs

Providing this type of services allows ATAPY to adhere to its main mission — to offer customers tailored solutions at affordable prices. ATAPY develops solutions targeted at particular tasks of our customers, which are not addressed by modern OCR box products, of for which the full functionality of such products is excessive. Today, our tools and routines provide the basis for many inhouse-developed data input production lines used by companies worldwide.

Among ABBYY toolkits, we offer solutions based on FineReader Engine, FlexiCapture Engine and Mobile OCR Engine. We also have certain experience with other OCR engines.

  • Professional Services based on products by ABBYY Software House

ATAPY provides a unique service of building flexible templates for ABBYY form capture products — FormReader and FlexiCapture — by ABBYY-trained engineers. Having provided such services for more than 10 years, we have developed a number of Flexi templates and techniques targeted at specific free-form document types, such as: US, UK, German and Dutch invoices, tax forms, bills, shipping forms, and multiple choice questionnaires.

Our experience includes building complete turnkey ‘production line’ solutions based on ABBYY Enterprise level products: Recognition Server, FlexiCapture/ABBYY FormReader Enterprise Edition, etc. — and capable of processing tens of thousands documents a day. In such projects, ATAPY engineers provide their assistance in all phases, including pre-project consulting and on-site requirements analysis, implementation and testing, on-site deployment, and technical support.

A list of ABBYY SDKs:

ABBYY FineReader Engine

ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine

ABBYY FineReader Engine for Embedded OS

ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine

ABBYY Cloud OCR Service for Developers

ABBYY InfoExtractor

ABBYY Intelligent Search

We also provide consulting services in the area of document capture, allowing to identify the best-fitting and most economic solution for a particular paper flow automation task, and to determine the optimal architecture of such a solution.

Some of our projects in these domains have been documented into Case Studies below.

DALIAN 2.0 Media Clipping System for PRNet

Mobile Solution for a Swedish Municipality

Data Capture Solutions for Logistics Industry

Document Processing Solutions for Education

Form Processing Solution for Construction Industry

Document Conversion Tool for Media Service Company

A PDF Tools Suite for Media Monitoring Company

ATAPY Installs ABBYY FormReader at Inmarko, Inc.